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Launching our Second Children’s Book! I Don’t Want To!


We are very excited to share that after three years and more drives and hours spent in the car than we can count, Madison and I are launching our second children’s book, I Don’t Want To! 

Using the same illustrator and characters as Don’t Call The Office, this story reflects the three years in age difference – with a little more adventure and imagination to be enjoyed!

Here is the synopsis:

Cameron Parker and her friends are so excited to go to their first-ever sleep-away camp! However, while there are so many adventures and new experiences to be had, Cameron, Sadie, Kayla, Beckett and Jeremy all have to face their fears and conquer new emotions and feelings, even when they DON’T WANT TO!

In this sequel to the award-winning book, Don’t Call the Office, 12-year-old Madison Reaveley and her stepmom, Megan Williams, are back with yet another imagination-filled story, destined both to make you laugh and remind you of the warm days of summer camp adventures, where possibility and play reveal worlds about who we are.

We are launching our book at Chapters Pinetree in Coquitlam, B.C from 11-1pm, Sunday, August 25th.

If you can’t make it there, you can buy the book on Amazon, here!

I Don't Want To by Madison Reaveley and Megan Williams




We’re Writing a Kid’s Book!

It’s been months in the making.

It’s been hours in the car, talking with Madison about the importance of ‘practicing’ reading and documenting weekends in her journal. Still, like lots of things that require work, reading and writing hasn’t been fun for her.

Madi and I spend a lot of time together driving between her two houses. Many afternoons, when our chats and belting Adele quiet down, we turn on Robert Munsch’s audiobooks. (“CLANG CLANG RATTLE BING BANG GONNA MAKE MY NOISE ALL DAY!” – sound familiar?)

By Madison Reaveley and Megan Williams

One rainy drive between I Have to Go! and The Paper Bag Princess Madi suggested, “You know that book idea I was talking about? What if we wrote Robert Munsch to see if he wanted to write it?”

I loved the initiative, but I countered her suggestion. “Love the idea, but why don’t we write that book ourselves?”

The remainder of the drive was spent brainstorming her idea and building it out into a story.

Since then, many weekend hours have been spent at our favourite coffee shop by the beach – her with a cheesecake, me with a latte – working on our book. She wrote out the character list, drew out a plot line – and as of last Sunday, we finished the first draft!

As I’ve learned, there are many, many, many steps between a first draft and holding a copy of your book, but I’m excited to help make this happen for her.

And by Madi’s, “On the way to school, can I type some of this in the car?” questions, she seems excited too.

So boys and girls, prepare your bookshelves –  we’re writing a kid’s book!