Not my flower girl.

During our hours of dress shopping together this year, Madison is asked, “Oh, and are YOU the flower girl?!”

All the women at the dress stores ask so kindly. They often kneel or bend down to be eye-level with her and we both can hear the encouraging enthusiasm in their voices.

Then, my favourite part happens. Madi looks right back at them, “No.” She waits for their surprised reaction and then offers, “I’m the Maid of Honour.”

This is the quick story of how that answer came to be…

Shortly after we got engaged, Brad, Madi and I were out for dinner. Giddy with the new change to our little family, we talked about our ideas for a wedding.

Across the table, Madi dropped her first serious question. “So, am I going to be a flower girl or….”

I looked back at her with an equal amount of seriousness and asked, “That depends, would you like to be a flower girl or bridesmaid?”

“I’d like to be a bridesmaid.”

“Great!” I skipped ahead a year to picture Madi and Adrienne standing beside me.

“Wait.” She cut into my dinner-dream. Her wrists were resting on the table, hands pointed towards me as if to to help articulate her next question. “So who is the one who you will give your flowers to. Like, the one who stands next to you?”

I understand that “Maid of Honour” isn’t in her nine-year-old vocabulary, but I did understand what she was asking. Her nervousness also didn’t go unnoticed, as if she had already pushed her luck by asking to be a bridesmaid.

“Oh I see what you’re asking.” Without pausing to think, I asked her in a way I knew she would understand, “Madison Reaveley, would you be the Liesl to my Fräulein Maria?”

(For those of you know the Sound of Music, you know the significance of this. If you don’t know the Sound of Music, do your life a favour, watch the movie and come back to this post when you’re done.)

Her gorgeous brown eyes tightened as her smile widened. “I will be your Liesl!!!”

And THAT is how nine-year-old Madison, daughter of my fiancé, came to be my Maid of Honour. She is the Liesl to my Maria, and someone I love having by my side.


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p.s. Wondering about Adrienne? She’s my person. That should explain just about everything.

Twelve more days!!


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  1. Bob Dallas

    Mothers and Mothers to be if you are looking for the right thing to say to your daughters or step daughters you could always phone Megan she blows me away with some of her answers this is one of them!

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