What’s up with you?

I know, I know – I haven’t been blogging.

Frankly, something had to give. I keep feeding my time with projects, ideas I want to share and new work endeavors. My time belly is full.

BUT it’s time for a catch up. Here are seven answers to the question, “What’s up with you?”

1) Another Book Launch!

Don't Call The Office at Chapters Indigo

Remember that little book I talked about Madison and I writing a few months back? Well, we did it!

On August 20th, Don’t Call The Office is hit book shelves (yes, book shelves!) Bringing back all the love, excitement and jitters I had when I launched Our Interrupted Fairy Tale two years ago.

Together, Madison and I did radio, print and tv interviews here in Vancouver. Madison rocked the interviews and absorbed all the experience like a broadcasting-major sponge.

Read about our story and get yourself a copy here: https://meganwilliams.ca/books/dont-call-the-office/

Click here to see our Global BC Interview!


Don't Call The Office

2) The W Wedding

Do I love wedding planning? Not really. Do I love that there is going to be this super fun weekend next month with our close people there? Absolutely. Thank goodness for Mom, Adrienne and friends who are better planners than I am.

The best part so far? Dress shopping…and the celebrating. I know this must come as a surprise to you.

Megan Williams Wedding

3) Writing Workshops 

In June, I ran two “How to Write a Book” workshops.

With over 60 attendees between two sessions, I felt really good about how it went. I felt really, really good when I was invited to run a similar workshop at the Whistler Writers Festival, October 14, 2016.

I have a few other upcoming events like this, so if you’re interested, I suggest signing up for my newsletter to stay in the loop. Just enter your name & email – and you’re on the list!

How to write a book workshop

4) Racing

I didn’t have a great race season this spring. Actually, it wasn’t good at all. I missed all the times I was training for. I’ve been discouraged, and concequently not making my training a priority. Realistically, I won’t get back to racing until the new year, but when I do I’m planning to lace-up properly and take another crack at the 5 and 10kms.

In the meantime, there isn’t a morning seawall run that I don’t look forward to with friends I couldn’t manage going more than three days without seeing.

5) YouTube

I have started a YouTube channel! This makes me really nervous as it puts me further out of my comfort zone than writing does. I started the channel, because in doing my own research for writing, I couldn’t find any videos that answered my questions – quickly. So, I’ve decided to start filming the videos I couldn’t find – quick book marketing advice and writing tips for the modern writer.

Take a look! (It won’t take long – they’re all less than two minutes.) And if you supportively click the ‘subscribe‘ button, THANK YOU!


6) Self-publishing Coaching

With traditional publishers becoming less accessible, and the opportunity to self-publish increasing in popularity, I’ve started working with a few budding authors as they work towards launching their stories.

Holy shmoly do I love this.

I didn’t realize how much time I spent (and wasted) trying to navigate the self-publishing process by myself with Our Interrupted Fairy Tale. Now that I can share this information to help trim time off of the author’s processes, I’m thrilled everything I have learned has not been lost.

(If you know someone who is ready to share their story, tell them to email me: letstalk@meganwilliams.ca).

7) Three new places every year. 

I made it my new years resolution after Chad passed away to visit three new places every year. I’m happy to share, I’ve met my goal for 6 consecutive years.

Here are this year’s destinations.

Cabo San Lucas (April)

Megan Williams Author

New Orleans (May)

Megan Williams Wedding

Fishing, Denham Bay (July)

Denham Bay, British Columbia
South of France (August) 

Megan Williams Wedding

Well, that brings us up to speed for now! The fall is busy, but I plan to stay in better blog touch.

In the meantime, you’re not already, here are a few other ways we can stay in touch!

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