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Our first book review!!!

Lucy and Sam were lucky enough to get a copy of Don’t Call The Office, written by Madison Reaveley and Megan Williams, and illustrated by Cathryn John. (It was even autographed!)


I read the story to Lucy and Sam, my six year old twins, before bed one night and asked them to help me review it for my blog.

Me: What is this story about?

Sam: The story is about Cameron and how she always has to go to the office at school and it’s not even her fault.

Lucy: Yeah, she doesn’t even do anything but she has to go to the office.

Me: Why does Cameron have to go to the office?

Lucy: Because her mom and dad are always late. And the office calls her so they can take care of her.

Me: What was your favourite part of the book?

Sam: My favourite part was when Cameron does this (see photo) when her Nana picked her up.

Lucy: I like it when her whole family surprises her at the office.Don't Call The Office on Virgin Radio

Me: What did you like about the story?

Lucy: I like that Cameron had the idea to make a fort with her friends at school. I’d like to do that!

Me: What would you do if you were called to the office every day after school?

Sam: I would make the same faces Cameron did!

Me: What ages do you think would enjoy this book?

Lucy: 3 (years old) and 4 and 6 and 5. And maybe 2 years old.

Sam: 91 years old or older. And younger too.

Me: What did you learn from the story?

Sam: If you’re going to be late, DON’T call the office.

Me: What’s your final review of the book?

Lucy: Two thumbs up!

Sam: Yeah, two thumbs up!

Virgin Radio Vancouver Don't Call The Office

Don’t Call The Office is available at Chapters and at MeganWilliams.ca

(See full article on Virgin Radio’s website here.)

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